Charlotte Street

Charlotte Street Generative Artist Application

Sound Samples

~ 5 Minute Audio Sample click here ~


The 5 minute sample above is comprised of short clips from sections of 4 larger works I’ve written, recorded and performed in the last 3 years. A brief description of the 4 works is below.

1.) The “La Commune Suite” (2 excerpts included) was written as a musical narrative of the 1871 workers revolution in Paris (2009).

2.) The “Folk Jazz Song Cycle” (2 excerpts included) was written as a retrospective and dedication to the folk musicians from the 1950’s and 60’s. It has been written and recorded but not yet been released.

3.) 1 excerpt from “Outsole” the second album from a collaborative project band called “Joeless Shoe” which is comprised of guitar, drum set, tenor saxophone and electronics. (2010)

4.) 1 excerpt from “Baobab” the first album from a drum, bass and tenor trio I write for and perform with called “3-ish”. (2010)

0:00 – 1:07

Excerpt #1  from the “La Commune Suite”.

1:08- 1:39

Excerpt #2  “Guthrie” from the “Folk  Song Cycle”.

1:40 – 2:31

Excerpt #3 “John Henry” from the album “Baobab”.

2:32 – 3:00

Excerpt #4 “New Shoe” from the album “Outsole”.

3:00 – 3:33

Excerpt #5 “Enigma” also from the  “La Commune” suite – arranged for             saxophone choir, percussion and voice.

3:34 – 4:59

Excerpt #6 “Ampara” also from the “Folk Jazz Song Cycle”.

20 minutes worth of complete recordings from two projects below:

Brooks (Folk Song Cycle)

You Echo So (La Commune Suite)

Origin (Folk Song Cycle)

Enigma (La Commune Suite)

Che (Joeless Shoe Outsole)

Artist’s Statement:

My role as a composer has been to not only  write music for consumption and entertainment but to create sounds and songs that challenge the listener to reflect and question his or her self and I hope, the world in general.

Music and art, seldom exist in a vacuum and are often mediated by social structures, both economic and cultural, which work as a framework and an overarching influence on artistic freedom, production and self expression. Often composing with this in mind, I gain inspiration from historical events and figures which may have had a similar perspective. Music, although abstract in nature, can therefore, on a subtle level, become supportive of, or expressive of a larger cultural movement which may help induce subtle feelings, questions and even actions in the listener.

Although the pieces I’ve included in this application run the gambit from introverted self exploration to sonic social critique. I tend to write in subtle shades, hues and textures which mute these more visceral underlying themes which are, none the less, my inspiration and motivation for creating music. The pieces are in some cases influenced or written
for specific historical figures who questioned or came into direct conflict with preexisting social structures, and in other cases, are merely aesthetic explorations in sound, taken from my daily sensuous and culturally conditioned experience.

I truly hope you enjoy the music.


Matt Otto

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